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Homeopathic pain-relief

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You've got options


If there is one message I want you to hear, it is this: you are not stuck. You have options. That is exactly what I discovered on my way to healing after cancer (read my story).

There is a time and place for surgery, for yoga, for chiropractic, for vitamins, for nutrition, for deep sleep. You have options and we handcraft one of those options: a homeopathic pain-relief cream using the highest quality products straight from nature.

It's my dream to share the power of homeopathy


- Barbara





Homeopathic medicine is based on the philosophy of treating the whole person, aiding the body to heal itself.  There is no labeling of general diseases; instead it treats the unique physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person according to their condition and symptoms presented.

Our products

Our homeopathic pain relief cream is powerfully effective for soothing arthritis, injuries, body aches, pains, and stiffness.  Made with 100% all natural ingredients, and lightly scented, it absorbs quickly into your skin, and can be used as often as needed.  



Praise for AHomeopathic's Pain relief cream


From Margie Fedorka, Massage Therapist:
Just wanted you to know that I used some of your cream on my legs the other night and instantly I was able to go to sleep and actually sleep through the night! It’s great stuff!

From Janet R.
Kevin says it has helped his arthritic shoulder feel so much less painful! Thanks!

From Anne C.
I hit the back of my hand on the corner of my desk the other day. It was so painful and I could see the swelling and blood bruise forming very quickly under my skin. I immediately put on your cream and then reapplied more in a few hours. The next day I barely could tell I had bruised it so hard! No discoloration or swelling or pain! Amazing! Normally after something like this my hand would have been sore for a week.


our goal is to offer humanity a Safe, natural alternative to relieve pain, restore good health and reclaim quality of life that is free from harmful ingredients and side effects.

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