how does homeopathy work?

A homeopathic remedy acts to strengthen and enhance your immune system.  The remedy is matched very closely to your symptoms and it acts to stimulate your immune system in such a way that your body cures itself. 

will your homeopathic pain relief cream work if I am taking other medications?

Yes!  Applying the pain relief cream topically will not interfere with any medications you take internally.   

what are homeopathic remedies?

They are highly diluted substances made from the natural elements of plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms.  The remedies can be taken internally in a solid form such as a pellet (those little white balls), or a powder, or in liquid form (water and/or alcohol base).  They are prepared in homeopathic pharmacies according to the strict standards set forth by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathic medicine.

how safe are homeopathic remedies to take internally?

All homeopathic remedies are extremely safe to take.  They are not addictive and have no unwanted side effects.  When directed by a professional homeopath, remedies are safe for pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.  They are also safe for pets and animals, as they respond extremely well to homeopathy too.  

can i take a homeopathic remedy if i am taking prescription drugs?

You can, of course take both together, but the effect of the homeopathic remedy is greatly reduced.  You will most likely have to repeat the homeopathic remedy dose often.  

what can homeopathy cure?

Classical homeopathy will treat chronic conditions as well as acute diseases.  Homeopathy works best when illness is treated at the earliest stages, as your body has the most power at that time to reverse the situation.  The longer you have a situation, the longer it can take to heal.   Working with an experienced, well-trained homeopath is very important to attain a total cure.


why didn't homeopathy work for me?

This is a complicated answer, as it depends on you and your unique situation.  It could be that you simply did not take the correct remedy.  There could be something that overrides the remedy, such as prescription drugs, or drinking regular coffee.  It also could be that a stressful situation in your life needs to change before your body can respond curatively to the homeopathic remedy, and this includes many things, including what you eat and drink, to your daily activities.  And sometimes it comes down to genetics; what you were born with.